Caulk your home this fall and winter!!
Temperatures at -29!! Caulking can be applied through cold weather.

Through the cold months of the year. We hang up tarps to keep the weather element's
away from getting to the surfaces of your home. Snow is easily brushed away. Ice is
wipe away with MEK if needed. Cold temperatures do not affect the caulking.

Depending what material is used like:
1.) Chemically curing, epoxidized polyurethane sealants for brick, block, concrete,
stone and metals.   

2.) Stucco Silicone is used on EIFS, expansion and control joints, tilt-up panel joints,
precast concrete panel joints, perimeter caulking (windows, doors, panels), etc...

Sometimes when using tarp heating is added to keep things warm (for the people
performing the work) and surfaces too. Not necessary though.

The caulking sealant doesn't freeze and is good to temperatures of well below -29