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FAQ: all about the re-caulk service

Question: What time of the year is best to do caulking?

Answer: All year round at temperatures around + 30 through -25 Celsius. Caulking is commercial grade and can not be
bought in the local hardware stores. Doesn't freeze at cold temperatures.
The only thing that may freeze is us.

Question: What type of caulking do you use?

Answer: Most application for residential area silicone brands which last between 15 to 20 Years. Urethane caulking
which last 10 to 15 years. (note: the details about the products say it will last longer than stated above. It depends on what
materials are bonding and how long they will last) so, this give you an idea what quality line of products we use.

Question: How do you know the caulking needs to be redone?

Answer: Any average person can see the cracks, splits ,and gaps missing all together around the windows & doors.
Usually the top of the frames of windows & doors goes first. The second is the sides, last is the bottom. (This is based on
4700 plus homes completed). Another way to know the caulking sealant is in bad shape is the draft around the frames in
the cooler seasons. (sometimes it can be the windows or doors manufacturing defects in the seals or the seams. Once in
a while the glazing from glass to frame may need to be redone too)

Question: Do you need to come to see the home first to give us a firm price?

Answer: For the removal of old caulking and re-caulking of residential homes. 95 percent of the time the price can be
given over the phone or via email form at our website without seeing it. If you have counted the openings correctly then the
price is what has been quoted over the phone or through email. The day we start or if a color needs to be verified, we will
inform you of any price change before commencing the work.

Question: Could you go over the old caulking to save money?

Answer: When going over the old caulking it will make the bead twice as big. You have only very little bonding on the
edges. Because the old caulking is dirty, there will be very little to bond to it. (other companies say you can go over it
because it acts like a bond breaker). The first thing in preparing the joint to receive sealant is to have a clean surface from
dirt and dust.

Question: Can we choose the color?

Answer: In most cases we choose the color to match the frames. Sometimes we will choose the wall because it makes
sense if the standard color matches better. The colour chart and the material itself doesn't match in some cases. This is
why we choose the color which will go on or we can put a sample on to show you what we would  be using.    

Question: Do you use spray foam before applying the new sealant?

Answer: Yes, we do spray foam before re-caulking. In some cases, no spray foam is required (because there are no
gaps to begin with). We also use backer rod when gaps are too big to receive the new spray foam. Backer Rod is like
foam on a spool at different sizes 3/8 up to 4 inches.

Question: Do you include the vents and pipes around the home?

Answer: Yes!, We include the vents and pipes ONLY when the whole house is being done. In some cases, a vent maybe
broken and we will replace it free of charge.

Question: Is the caulking going to look neat?

Answer: Yes, in most cases it will look 95% better then what you currently have. The bead will be smooth, flat and neat.

Question: Do we need to be home while you do the work?

Answer: No, you don't need to be home. You might have to leave the gates unlocked but nobody is required to take time
off work.

Question: What type of payment do we take?

Answer: We accept cash, personal cheque.

Question: How long will the work take?

Answer: Most homes take 1 day to complete weather permitting.

Question: Is the price negotiable?

Answer: Our price is firm with no room to negotiate. It has been like this since year 2000.

Question: Will you clean up after the work has been completed?

Answer: Yes, we clean up after each home.

Question: Do you offer a warranty?

Answer: Yes, beginning in 2012 we offer a 15 year warranty. We are very happy to offer this warranty because we are
growing and want to ensure you are completely covered. It is our way to say
Thank You for choosing Bluesky Caulking.  
Replacement of our failed caulk sealant is free of charge.
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