Bluesky Caulking
Residential Re-caulking

We remove the old caulking completely
first. P
ack gaps and then re-caulk.

Our caulking is provided in a variety
of colours. 54 to be exact

We use Dow Corning

We service the Greater Toronto Area &
surrounding area up to 100 kilometers away
from Downtown Toronto

Homeowner Service

Call or Text info to 416-875-2160
Call 905-598-4169
Hours are 9am to 9pm, 7 days a

Did You Know:

*   Your energy cost are going up and out the windows & doors through the cracked caulk on the exterior of your
*  Water can get through cracks causing wood damage and mold. If, not addressed costing you thousands of
dollars and much more.

*  Protect your home by ensuring your caulk sealant is in great shape.
* We always remove all old caulk first before applying the new sealant to the home.
* Backer rod and spray foam are used where required to help reduce drafts and in some cases make it water tight
before the sealant is applied.
15 year warranty
15 Year Warranty
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