Service Provide
Residential home inspection and installation of
new caulk sealant.

Exterior Openings (windows & doors)
This begins with the removal of your existing caulking.  
Backer rod is then used to ensure that all gaps are insulated
and to guarantee the proper amount of caulking is applied.

Birds, mice, bees, Wasps and black flies problems? Reduce
intruders by caulking the soffit area completely around the
home. Best time to get the work preformed is winter time.
Less activities of pests.

Exterior Caulk Areas

  •       Windows
  •       Doors
  •       Expansion Joints
  •       Decks
  •       Vents & Pipes
  •       Stucco
  •       Control/Expansion Joints

We are proud to say that we have been servicing the
GTA and surrounding areas, with 25 years combined
* We use backer rod to pack all gaps so that the proper
volume of material is applied.
* Window re-caulk service. We can do a caulk inspection
of your home. Complete removal of the old sealant first.
Call or Text info to
Call 905-598-4169
Hours are 9am to 9pm, 7 days
a week
* Also, spray foam windows & doors. If there is very
small gaps around the opening and let say the top of a
window has a large gap. We can not spray foam the
window. Just use backer rod.

Reduce drafts, gaps, and leaks around the home.
To watch videos click here
Bluesky Caulking